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Post a job, describe the location, date and any kind of information you want to share with the workers.


Select candidates interested in your demand according to your preference or create a template and let the platform do it for you. 

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Rate your experience with ufrilla and make a note to professionals. There's the only way we can cultivate the best and provide quality curation for your business







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All the professionals undergo a process of selection and curation by our team, in which only the best can apply for the jobs.

online platform

Manage and organize it all from your office with a simple and practical digital platform.

mobile app

Create preferred professional lists and manage all of that in the palm of your hand with our mobile app


Download the app and register. Submit your video telling why you wanna be a part of ufrilla family.

apply for the jobs you want

get paid right away

wait for your selection

if selected, confirm availability and go to work

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we want to provide the best jobs experiences for you. we believe in the gig economy and we look for people who believe work can be fun. we are here to make it easy and simple for you. the best opportunities in one place.


quem somos?

somos renda extra no fim do mês. somos um ritual de passagem na vida das pessoas. somos família. somos amigos. somos um refresco ao desemprego. um alívio a curto prazo. um mundo de possibilidades. somos ufrilla.

queremos conectar os melhores profissionais aos melhores negócios. mesmo que só de vez em quando.

estamos dispostos a transformar as relações de trabalho no Brasil e desburocratizar o processo de contratação de talentos. E você?

quer falar com nossa equipe?

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